Top 5 mistakes website owner make

Here is a list of the top 5 mistakes website owner make:

1  Not learning the terminology

You do not have to become a web master in order to get your business website up and running, but you should become familiar with the language of the web design so you both are on the same page.  A good web designer will be aware of the terminology used by Web industry professionals.  But as a business owner you should be able to relate and show an example of a functional feature or a design feature.

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2  Not having your content properly formatted

As a business owner only you can speak for your business, so you should have the words about your business, your products, and your services written in a text file and your image files saved as JPEG, GIFs, or PNG image files.  You can send whatever size but for the best viewing of your images they should be very large. The designer can always reduce them to fit your design mock-up.

3  Not having a specific purpose of your website

There are 4 main types of websites:

A. Informational Websites

As mentioned above, informational based websites were the first versions to hit the Internet.  They are as they sound, sites which enable readers to find information on a particular business or topic.

B. Brochure/Catalogue Style Websites

This kind of website goes further in depth than an informational site and provides general information about a store as well as the stock they carry and the prices or list of services provided by a business.

C. E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites take brochure websites a step further by allowing you to shop directly from your computer.  The main difference between a brochure site and an e-commerce site is that the latter features a checkout system to enable you to order directly from the online store.

D. Blogs

Blog websites (traditionally known as web logs) did not hit the mainstream until the early to mid 2000s.  However since then blogging has become very popular for both business and personal use.

Your website in order to be effective must have one main goal.  That goal can be to generate leads for your business, or to get prospects interested in your products and/or services.  Whatever you want to achieve must be well defined from the beginning of your project so you can test & tweak and make improves as you grow your business.

4  Not having a well defined Niche or Buyer Persona in Mind

The main purpose of your website is to attract new customers, but if you do not have an ideal buyer in mind when you build your website you will not appeal or attract no one.

5  Not having a Marketing Plan

This is very simple.  If you invest your money into creating a website and do not invest any money to telling the public about your website – no one will find.

Here at we work with small to mid-size business owners to increase your online reach by developing your website into a powerful tool that works for you 24 hours a day.  So you can focus on running your business while your website is educating your prospective customers about how your solution will solve their needs.